Work permit for a foreigner in RP territory

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Employing a foreigner – why is it a good idea to employ a foreigner in Poland?
4 June, 2019
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Statement on the Intention of Entrusting Work to a Foreigner
5 June, 2019
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In recent years the Polish labour market has undergone major changes. The Republic of Poland has become a very attractive workplace for people from the East. The Polish businessmen are keen on employing foreigners due to their huge experience and skills. The procedure of hiring a foreigner has been simplified, yet it can be difficult.

Getting the work permit is the first necessary step in the process of hiring a foreigner. The preparation and verification of the full set of documents to get the work permit for a foreigner requires a lot of time, knowledge and patience. Their previous and current stay legalization status affect the foreigner’s hiring process. Each case must be treated on individual basis. For an employer with no experience of hiring foreigners the whole procedure may be overwhelming and too complex.

No wonder, many employers decide to outsource the process of employing foreigners to companies like sp. z o. o. Our employees’ fluent knowledge of the procedures of getting the work permit and the close cooperation with the authorities facilitate prompt and effective hiring of employees from outside EU.