Legal stay for you and your family


Are you a foreigner?

Do you want to stay and work in Poland legally?

Would you like to bring your family?

Are the formalities, legal regulations too much for you and you constantly don’t have the time?

Do you count on specialist and reliable assistance?

We will do it for you.

Our long experience has led to almost 2300 decisions for temporary residence and work (Residence Card) and over 2200 work permits. Sp. z o.o. is a professional company which provides consultancy services in line with the applicable legal regulations and standards.

We are distinguished by a high effectiveness of the administrative procedures.

Additionally, we are the authors of many articles on different media, which explain the current legal situation with respect to the legalization of foreigners’ residence and work. We provide services to natural persons, including foreigners. Our clients are renown industrial and service companies.

We have qualified staff, which includes lawyers, translators and consultants, who assist in getting:

- Statement on the Intention of Entrusting Work
- permanent residence permit
- temporary residence permit
- work permit
- Polish citizenship
- EC long-term residence permit

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