5 June, 2019
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Statement on the Intention of Entrusting Work to a Foreigner

This is a document which must be registered by an employer who intends to employ a foreigner from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Georgia or Armenia, who […]
5 June, 2019
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Work permit for a foreigner in RP territory

In recent years the Polish labour market has undergone major changes. The Republic of Poland has become a very attractive workplace for people from the East. […]
4 June, 2019
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Employing a foreigner – why is it a good idea to employ a foreigner in Poland?

‘Employing foreigners’ ranks very high among the phrases googled by businessmen. These statistics no longer come as a surprise. Poland’s joining the European Union contributed to […]
4 June, 2019
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Legalization of the foreigner’s family stay in Poland

Are you a legally employed foreigner? You can bring your family to Poland. Many people decide to work abroad for their family’s sake. People from over […]