Legalization of the foreigner’s family stay in Poland

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Employing a foreigner – why is it a good idea to employ a foreigner in Poland?
4 June, 2019
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Are you a legally employed foreigner? You can bring your family to Poland. Many people decide to work abroad for their family’s sake. People from over the eastern border, coming from Ukraine or Lithuania, may earn much more in Poland than in their home countries. Although foreigners coming out of the European Union know that they have to have e.g. the work permit in order to commence employment, they often do not realize that they can legalize the stay of their families in Poland.

Work legally in order to be with your family

However, things are not that simple… Before a foreigner may enjoy living with the nearest and dearest in Poland, he/she must get through the entire procedure of legalizing the stay for the foreigner’s family. The procedure is neither simple nor an obvious one.

The very provision on what conditions a foreigner must meet to be eligible for reunifying with the family gives a headache. To be more specific, these are the requirements to be met to legalize the stay of one’s family in Poland.

In order to reunify with the family the temporary stay permit is granted to a foreigner if he/she meets the following conditions:

  1. He/she stays in the territory of the Republic of Poland and is a family member of a foreigner living in the territory of the Republic of Poland:
    • on the basis of a long-term EU resident’s stay permit;
    • on the basis of a permanent stay permit;
    • has the refugee status;
    • due to subsidiary protection;
    • has the stay permit on humanitarian grounds;
    • has the EU Blue Card;
    • has the temporary stay permit issued for the purpose of carrying out scientific research;
    • has the temporary stay and work permit.
  2. He/she has:
    • a regular source of income;
    • health insurance in Poland within the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2004;
    • a place of residence in the RP territory.

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