I have an employee


Each foreigner has an individual stay legalization history, therefore each case must be verified on an individual basis and appropriate steps will be taken after the verification.

Appropriate legalization procedures will be selected, which will lead to the correct and legal employment of a foreigner in line with the Polish law.


Employment legality audit.

Verification of the visas, permits or Statements on the Intention of Entrusting Work, verification of the compliance of the contract with the permit or Statement on the Intention of Entrusting Work, correctness of the legalization procedures.

Verification of the possibility and ways of hiring foreigners.

We provide the consultancy and advisory services with respect to the possibility of hiring foreigners, which includes the possibility of bringing employees from Ukraine, with full assistance and supervision in the preparation of employment documents on the client’s premises.

Assistance in processing matters in offices connected with employing foreigners

We assist in getting the Permits for work of various types for citizens of various countries, Temporary Residence and Work Permits, and Permits for Temporary Residence for the foreigners’ families.

Representation vis-a-vis the public administration authorities in administrative procedures concerning foreigners.

Under a power of attorney we deal on behalf of our clients and foreigners with the matters from the beginning to the end of the administrative procedure.

Preparation for Inspection

We support our clients in preparation for the inspection of the legality of employment conducted by the National Labour Inspectorate and Boarder Guard Unit.