Hiring a Ukrainian citizen

How to prepare before hiring Ukrainian citizensobywateli Ukrainy

Analysing the Polish labour market and the growing demand for employees it is very beneficial to hire the citizens from outside our boarders. This solution has many advantages as the language barrier is not a big problem for Ukrainians. Unfortunately, employing is not so easy as many formalities must be met to prevent the legal consequences and high penalties.

The process of employing a Ukrainian citizen on one’s own is unfortunately very different from hiring Poles. The entrepreneur is subject to entirely different regulations and the failure to apply the procedure may bring a lot of problems.

Which procedures must be observed while hiring a Ukrainian employee?

At the very beginning we must verify all the candidate’s stay legalization documents. Which document giving the right to reside in the RP territory the candidate has – visa-free traffic, Schengen visa, work / seasonal work visa, tourist visa. Check how long they have already stayed abroad and calculate the date of the end of the legal stay.

Remember, NOT each residence document gives the right to work!
If possible, the employer must register the Statement on the Intention of Entrusting Work to a Foreigner at the County Labour Agency. This may streamline the employment procedure.
The type of tax entitlements our candidate is subject to. With some forms of taxation there are limits on employing additional staff. If the employer has the Tax Card, they may not hire under a specific work/commission contract. The employment contract is the only form of employment.

All the actions that an employer must take while employing a foreigner from the East:

  • verify the candidate – collect all the documents required,
  • confirmation of the legal stay which gives the right to work,
  • obtaining the work permit,
  • execution of the contract – in line with the permit’s terms – inform the employee of all the rights and obligations,
  • referral to the medical examination,
  • OHS training,
  • reporting the employee to ZUS,
  • creating the work time sheet,
  • setting up the personal file,
  • providing protective clothing.


    Employing a Ukrainian citizen is a complex process, where the procedures must be strictly followed.
    The formal procedure can be a nightmare to many entrepreneurs and take a lot of their time. Collecting all the necessary documents, correct preparation of the applications/statements, the time spent at the Office and a lot of other i’s that need to be dotted and t’s that need to be crossed.

    Penalties for illegal employment range from 3 to 30 thousand zloty for the employer, and for the foreigner deportation and a ban on entry.
    Authorities with the powers to verify the legal employment of a foreigner:

    - National Labour Inspectorate
    - Board Guard

    A minute mistake or neglecting one of the actions may cost us a lot.

How to speed up hiring a Ukrainian citizen?

Order professionals to do it. We will not only promptly deal with all the Office formalities for you, verify the entire employment history of your candidate, check and gather all the documents. We will assist throughout the entire recruitment process! We are advisors who will answer all your questions, and who will assist you throughout the process of employing a foreigner.

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