Employing a foreigner – why is it a good idea to employ a foreigner in Poland?

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Legalization of the foreigner’s family stay in Poland
4 June, 2019
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Work permit for a foreigner in RP territory
5 June, 2019
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‘Employing foreigners’ ranks very high among the phrases googled by businessmen. These statistics no longer come as a surprise. Poland’s joining the European Union contributed to the large migration of the workforce in our country. Polish experts went west looking for better paid jobs. No wonder the Polish businessmen are interested in employing foreigners from outside the European Union.

Employing a foreigner in Poland

Employers are keen on hiring workers from over the eastern border due to their qualifications and relevant skills. The percentage of foreigners employed in Poland is growing year by year, they occupy positions which are currently widely offered.

Initially foreigners were employed mainly in the construction industry. Currently foreigners are employed in the manufacturing industry, IT services, education, as well as healthcare. Due to the employers’ huge demand, at present foreigners may be employed on temporary or permanent basis.

Why do employers hire foreigners?

For a large group of employers hiring foreigners was necessary to maintain the stability of their companies. Employers find it hard to hire qualified staff as many Poles decide to start employment at similar positions over the western border, where they are better paid.  This gap is filled by foreigners who are willing to work for the Polish rates of pay. Their high flexibility also influences hiring foreigners. 

A poll found that employers often point out that they appreciate the extensive knowledge of foreigners on the markets in other countries with which the employer cooperates. The knowledge of a foreign language is an additional asset. 

How to find and hire an employee from over the eastern border?

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