At this time of the constant shortage of labour force on the Polish labour market many companies hire foreign employees.
However, the Polish procedures connected with the legalization of work of foreigners from outside EU, EEA and Switzerland are unfortunately very difficult and complex. Work can inadvertently or due to insufficient knowledge be entrusted illegally, which brings unpleasant consequences both to the foreigner and employer.

Legalizacjapracy.pl is a team with expertise and huge practical experience. We provide assistance and consultancy concerning the correct and legal employment of foreigners and prolonging their residence.
Each case is processed on individual basis. If you have employed a foreigner and you are not sure if all the documents are maintained correctly, or you want to prolong their residence and employment, or if you want to expand your knowledge on the legal employment of foreigners, ask for our assistance.


Szymon Ryłko

Director of Development

Marta Kapias

Senior Specialist for Stay Legalization

Samanta Handy

Consultant for Stay Legalization

Maria Obrzud

Junior Consultant for Stay Legalization

Irmina Skinderowicz

Junior Consultant for Stay Legalization

Olena Marchenko

Junior Consultant for Stay Legalization

Ryszard Mikoda

Junior Consultant for Stay Legalization

Jacek Pięta

Specialist of commercial affairs